2 Fast SEO tips for Small Business Websites – high impact for the least amount of work.
These two tips generate a very significant change in rankings over time for sites needing to fix these issues.

Use the written instructions to check your site or watch the videos that go into more depth and show examples of what to look out for.

DIY SEO Tip 1 

Click here for video instructions

Find hidden pages that need to be removed to improve the overall quality of your website.
Type into the Google search bar without any spaces
Search for website pages

Click on every listing that comes up and send a list of pages to your web developer to remove.

Duplicate Content Checker

Tool to find duplicate content on your website. ie content that appears on multiple pages of your site. Reducing duplicate content to less than 19% helps the overall quality of your website.


DIY SEO Tip 2  

Click here for video instructions

The Home page is the most powerful page on your website.
Create an SEO title for your Home Page that attracts the types of clients you most want to work with.
You don’t need your business name in the SEO title if it’s in your domain name.


Template – “Service people search for” “Location that people will travel to see you”

Small Business Chartered Accountant Brisbane Southside

Xero Bookkeeping Brisbane, Online Bookkeeper Australia

Title Length Checker

You only have 512 pixels to work with.

Use this tool above to craft a title for your site that is within the recommended pixel length.

Ask your web developer to add the SEO title to your homepage only.

Don’t want to do these yourself or need help click here

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