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Georgie HopeI love doing SEO for my clients and I wish I could do it for everyone. However SEO is very time consuming. I wanted to provide this opportunity for small business owners who have time but are currently generating little income. So they are unable to afford SEO services or other marketing but are passionate about their business.

The course could also be used by staff with downtime who could be using that time to improve your website. The information could also help web developers who want to know more about SEO for small businesses who want to target a local area.

Why are the videos FREE?

You will notice the videos are on Youtube. Youtube allows us to profit share by running ads on the videos. That is what enables them to be free. I hope you enjoy the training and more importantly grow a successful small business.

Local and Small Business SEO

After many years of doing SEO for clients and also training some clients to do their own SEO I have developed a system for SEO for small business and local business that is simple and effective at generating good leads for my clients. I now want to share this system with other small business owners so I can help many more business owners online.


Does Your Website Fail to Bring You Enough Leads to Survive or Thrive?

I have found that for small business owners paying $350-$2000 a month for SEO is a very effective way to grow their customer base. However there are two types of small business owner where Free Online Video SEO training could be a more effective and cost efficient way to grow their business.

1. People who are just starting out in business and have very little money but do have time

2. Business owners who are already paying staff who could do the work in their downtime

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SEO done for the Long Term is very Powerful

What you get with this course

SEO Video Training Course

The videos are filmed showing the computer screen so you can see exactly what you need to do. You also get written instructions below each video.

Trained by a Small Business SEO Specialist

Your training is given by an SEO specialist who works with small business owners and local businesses on a daily basis.

Google Friendly Strategies

I only teach and use white hat authentic SEO strategies that adhere to Google’s guidelines

New Content

New Videos are added to the training as new information and new ways of doing things are discovered.

Request Videos

You are also able to request new videos for any issues that you are having. In most cases your request will probably help others and so it makes sense for me to make a video that helps you and others with the same questions

Our Happy Customers

Karen – Affordable Computer Repairs Brisbane

I was taught how to do SEO for my family business using the steps in this training. Over an 8 month time frame I took our business from earning $4000 a month to $12,000 a month and was able to stop using Google Adwords entirely.


Giving Back

We also believe in helping business owners in countries where being a business owner can be more of a struggle then most. Each month through our sister company “Fruitful Online” we loan to small business owners through This enables business owners to borrow money and pay it back so the money can then be loaned to other business owners. A loan may be $250 in total with 10 people loaning $25 each. So if they are unable to pay the loan back due to unforeseen weather etc then it becomes a donation. See the business owners we have helped so far here.

Created Specifically for Small Business Owners who want More Clients

This SEO training is designed for either small business owners who have more time then money. Or small business owners who have staff that could be doing the SEO work. Also for any business owner who wants to understand SEO and know exactly what is being done on their website.

The Sooner You Start SEO

the Sooner You’ll Generate Leads, Customers and Income.

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SEO takes time to work. It is not a quick fix. But when done correctly SEO can bring you leads and customers for years to come. SEO traffic tends to show more of an exponential increase then a linear one. So the work you do now is likely to start bringing you leads in 3-6 months time. So what are you waiting for?

It’s FREE!

I know my SEO process works to get results for my clients. Since this is FREE I can guarantee that your time invested in these videos and doing the work will get you results provided you do all the steps in the training and do them properly.

P.S. – Start using our SEO training before your competitors do. It only makes sense and you can start using it straight away

P.P.S – Our Course is FREE so what do you have to lose


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